Q: What size of marquee is best suited to my event?
A: It is very important to choose the right size marquee to suit your event, too many people crammed into a  small space is both uncomfortable and unsafe and too large a space will make your event seem under populated.

Two good rules of thumb are:
• For a buffet event: a minimum of 8 sq. feet per person.
• For a seated event: a minimum of 15 sq. feet per person.

If your planning on having entertainment within your marquee you will need to allow for a dance floor and space for the entertainer and their equipment. We recommend that two additional bays should be added.

Your chosen catering company also require space to prepare and serve food. It is common to have a service tent located alongside the marquee.

Q: How long is the marquee hire period?
A: For weekend events the marquee is yours to use both Saturday and Sunday. For week day hires the period is by arrangement.

Q: What are your terms & conditions for marquee hire?
A: Please ask for our terms and conditions.

Q: Can the sides of your marquees be opened during warm weather?
A: Yes, the walls of our marquees work in a similar way to your curtains at home and are very easy to open and close. We can demonstrate this on the day of erection.

Q: Are marquees suitable for winter events?
A: Marquees are suitable throughout the year. In winter marquees can be heated and temperatures controlled thermostatically.

Q: Will the marquee damage the grass?
A: There will be no permanent damage. The grass that is covered may fade in color slightly but should quickly recover.

Q: What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?
A: Lined marquees are suited to most events and where an aesthetic finish is required. With an unlined marquee, the framework is visible from the inside.

Q: Is it possible to erect a marquee on sloping ground?
A: Yes, depending upon the severity of the slope. A site survey will identify any particular site constraints or requirements for marquee erection.

Q: Will you come and look at the site for the marquee?
A: Yes. Prior to erection the site will be surveyed to ensure that all unique site requirements and constraints have been identified & risk assessment carried out.

Q: Can I use a marquee to provide an extension to my house?
A: Yes. We can attach marquees to houses to continue and expand existing spaces.

Q: How far in advance should I book my marquee?
A: If you are concerned about availability please give us a call as soon as possible. Please note marquees tend to be reserved early for the peak Summer period.

Q: Will the marquee damage cables or pipes running under my garden?
A: No. The site survey will identify any potential for damage to underground services. Where stakes cannot be driven into the ground, ballast will be used as an alternative to secure the marquee.