Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

  • ” The Company ” is the company named in the Hire contract.
  • ” The hirer ” is the firm company person or public authority (and their respective successors) named in the hire contract that hires the equipment from the company.
  • ” The equipment ” is the equipment specified or referred to in the hire contract.
  • ” The hire rate ” means the rate charged for each calendar day or part of day during which the hirer hires the equipment.
  • ” Hire charges ” means the total amount due to the company including charges in respect of delivery assembly installation operation or disassembly or collection of the equipment and the deposit.
  • ” The hire period ” means the period set out in the ” Hire Contract ” or any agreed period or agreed extension thereof.
  • ” Hire contract ” means the information appearing on the front of this document and these ” Terms and Conditions “.


2. Payment terms

25% of the total cost is payable upon confirmation of the order. The remaining 75% is payable immediately upon delivery and erection of the marquee and/or furniture.


3. Insurance / Risk Assessment

Please call us for details


4. Quotations

The Company reserves the right to withdraw or revise any quotes up until the time of acceptance. The Hirer upon receipt of a deposit will confirm acceptance in writing. If the ” terms and conditions ” shall be at variance or inconsistent with any printed conditions attached to the Hirers order then these terms and conditions shall prevail


5. Site Conditions

The Company will not be responsible for damage to underground services buried beneath the surface that they have not been made aware of when erecting marquees, i.e. Pipes, drains and cables. The hire charge includes the erection and removal of marquees but does not include making good or repairs to the site. The hirer or a representative should be available to check the equipment and to discuss the location of the equipment. If no one is available we will erect the marquee in a way and location we see as suitable. The company reserves the right to vary the hire rate in the event of increase in the cost of labor materials or transport. Special hire rates will be payable to the company for delivery or installation or use of the equipment on sites which do not conform to the requirements of the company.


6. Hire conditions

The hire of the marquees and equipment commences from when the marquee and employees arrive on site to when it is dismantled and removed. Unless stated in writing charges do not include the attendance of employees except when erecting and dismantling. The employees are not obliged to do any more than erect and dismantle the marquees and deliver the chairs and tables or any other equipment. The hirer will be liable for any additional costs due to extra work or equipment needed due to unforeseen circumstances. This will include delay due to subcontractors or clients who have not removed or installed additional equipment.


 7. Cancellations

If the hirer wishes to cancel the contract prior to completion they will forfeit their deposit. In addition to this if the cancellation is 45 days prior to the delivery date there will be an additional charge of 25% of the hire fee. If the cancellation is 30 days prior to the delivery date there will be an additional charge of 25% of the hire fee. If the cancellation is 15 days prior to the delivery date the full hire charge will be made.


8. Hirer Responsibilities

It is the hirer’s responsibility to check all the right equipment is delivered; if the equipment is wrong or faulty we will do our best to rectify the problem. But the company reserves the right to use the best substitute if necessary. If we do so the hirer will have no claim against us. If we cannot substitute an alternative we will notify you of the cancellation of the contract and refund the deposit immediately but otherwise no claim shall lie against us. The hirer is responsible for the equipment while it is in their possession and if it is not left in the condition it was received in a charge may apply. The hirer must not enter the equipment while the company is erecting it. All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure all openings are closed in windy conditions when not in use to avoid damage to the marquees. The hirer undertakes that he must not tamper with the structure or any part of the equipment and permission must be gained from the company before suspending anything from the structure of the marquee. Lighting, heating, cooking or other gas or electrical appliances should not be used without consent from the company. No crepe or coloured paper or hay or straw bails should be used inside the marquee as they pose a fire risk. The hirer shall permit any person authorized by the company at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises upon which the equipment is for the time being placed or kept for the purpose of inspecting and examining the condition of the Equipment. The hirer shall prior to the commencement of the hire period inform the company in writing of the address or addresses at which the equipment is to be stored and used and shall not without the written consent of the company transfer the equipment or any part thereof to any other address nor allow it to be used for any abnormal or hazardous purpose.


9. Liability

  • Delay or non-delivery due to grass sites that have not been cut, or the site being unsuitable or non-accessible.
  • Late or non-delivery due to war, riots, strikes or industrial disputes.
  • Late or non-delivery due to adverse wind or weather conditions.
  • Injury to persons or property during the period.
  • Problems due to not obtaining appropriate permission from public or local authorities.
  • Loss or damage to equipment due to fire, flood or accident.

Late or non-delivery due to any cause out with the company’s control. The hirer shall not be entitled to withhold any amount of payment under the contract due to any claims or disputes due to defective service or any other alleged breach of contract.