Need House Lights For Your Wedding In Cheshire?

Is your wedding venue in Cheshire lacking something? Could it be the magic of sparkling lights to illuminate your dance floor or the entrance to your building?

The lights used at your wedding can play a big part in the ambience of your venue, especially when twilight falls upon that long summer evening.

At Xclusive Marquees, we have scintillating range of both house lights and outdoor lighting, to bring sparkle to any wedding. Our LED lights look magical and romantic, but are also eco-friendly, making them extremely cheap to run. You won’t be leaving your venue with a massive electricity bill.

Create the wow-factor for your guests.

Our lights can cover everything from small house to large corporate venues, with a spectrum of colours to choose from. We can also offer curtains made of coruscating lights, for a unique effect that’s both incandescent and practical.

Xclusive Marquees also have a massive collection of other accessories to hire, from chandeliers to strobe lights. We can help you meet your budget, whether you’re after lighting or a marquee.

If you’re in Cheshire, why not check out pictures of our wedding lights?